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ENTER YOUR EMAIL to download these free tools that help you become a magnet for true love and attract the love of your life! I created systems for keeping me on track and keeping me focused on what I wanted to create, and I’m sharing them with you so you can find true love and attract your soul mate!

Creating Your Soulmate List

Have you created your Soul Mate list yet? Are you wondering where to start and what the heck Im even talking about?
The best tool I know to keeping your focus on what you want to create is to create list of everything you want in a partner, in the notes in your phone so can read it and edit it every morning and night. That way, when you meet someone (a teacher, since everyone is put in our lives to teach us something) you learn what you want and what you don’t want, and update you’re list! Here’s a free guide to get you started!

Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go!

This exercise helped me so much. Doing this exercise helped me see the truth about my first marriage, helped me dissolve my resentments and let them go. This exercise helps us let the past stay in the past, forgive and move forward in creating the life and love you’ve always wanted. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. To hold onto resentment, hurt, and anger is to keep your heart closed off and sealed shut. We have all been hurt. You have endured loss, and people have hurt you. And when you release shame, blame, and anger, and give the gift of forgiveness to yourself, you can become a magnet for real love. Focusing on the pain from our past experiences causes us to stay stuck. But doing this exercise helped me release that anguish and move forward! When we focus on the lessons we learned and the amazing things that came from the past, the suffering can subside, and we can then transform. Every relationship and every situation that caused us pain has taught us a valuable lesson. All the pain you have gone through has made you the amazing, gorgeous, wonderful woman you are today! Writing down everything you appreciate, everything you resent, and everything you regret helps you see the amazing wonderful things came out of your marriage, and letting go of anger and resentment (that you may not even realize you still had) puts you on the path toward freedom, joy and love!

Ways to Build Confidence

I spent 39 years thinking I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t skinny enough, men only wanted me for sex, and I was damaged goods. And after my divorce, foreclosure, and bankruptcy, I added more limiting beliefs to the pile. I believed that no one would want to marry me with two kids. No one would want to marry me unless I got lypo and a boobjob. No one would want to marry me unless I was skinnier. I finally found ways to silence that inner b*tch, be kinder to the girl in the mirror, and grow to believe that I AM good enough and I AM worthy of love that lasts a lifetime. It wasn’t until THEN that I attracted my forever love. I’m sharing these strategies for cultivating self-love and confidence with you because they helped me so much! You can watch the video that explains the strategies if you want to learn more: YouTube Video.

Morning Ritual Worksheet and Guide

The morning ritual worksheet is a free download with instructions that explain what to write daily. This morning ritual helps you start each day with gratitude and the intention of creating love and drawing your soul mate into your life. Writing each day helps keep your focus on what you have, and what you want to create. Writing each morning and doing this ritual helped maintain my belief that attracting true love is possible. Staying focused on the love that already exists around you attracts more love and makes you a magnet for true love!

Checklist for Creating a Sanctuary

One of the strategies to attract your soul mate is to create a sanctuary for MOM. For you. I talk about it in my book, and explain why it is so important to not only create a space where you can reflect, read, relax, and write, but also to prepare your physical space for your future partner. It’s important to literally create actual space in your bedroom, closet, bathroom, and even your shower so you demonstrate that you have space, you know he is coming, and you intend to attract your soul mate who is out there manifesting you! So I created a checklist for you so you can make sure your space is ready for true love and your bed is ready for those future steamy all-nighters!