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Worksheets include: Ways to Build Confidence, Checklist for Creating a Sanctuary, and Creating Your Soulmate List

    Ways to Build Confidence

    Karen spent 39 years thinking she wasn’t good enough, wasn’t skinny enough, and was damaged goods. After her divorce, foreclosure, and bankruptcy, she added more limiting beliefs to the pile… Then she found a way to silence her inner critic – now it’s your turn. 

    Check out her Video on building self confidence to get even more from your complimentary worksheet.

    Checklist for Creating a Sanctuary

    One of the strategies to attract more love in your life is to create a sanctuary for yourself. As Karen shares in her book “Becoming Mrs. Stanley,” it’s important to not only create a space where you can reflect, read, relax, and write, but also to prepare your physical space for your future partner (or even your current one!). 

    Use this complimentary checklist to get started. 

    Creating Your Soul Mate List

    Have you created your soul mate list yet? The best tool to keep your focus on who you want to attract is to create a list of everything you want in a partner, and keep it front and center. 

    Use this worksheet to create your list and update daily!