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Can you remember what your life was like in 2010? Ten whole years ago? I had just torn my MCL ligament in my knee skiing. I didn’t need surgery, but I couldn’t bend my knee for months, had a full leg brace and crutches, couldn’t work out, couldn’t run, couldn’t do yoga. I felt sorry for myself.

letting go is so important for cultivating self-love and self-worth. I didn’t really know about all of Kesha’s personal struggle until recently, but she’s been through hell, and most of us have at one point in life. And after years of legal battles and therapy, she was ready to let go, move on, and love herself. In 2010 I couldn’t do the things that I wanted to do. I was depressed. I remember Leah got lice and I was struggling to get down next to the tub to apply the treatments with my busted knee in a brace out to my side. I struggled getting up and down the stairs every day. Seems stupid now. Just a torn ligament. But it was a big deal to me at the time. I gained tons of weight, and felt depressed. And it forced me to stay home and work through the parts of myself that I didn’t like.

I’ve experienced abuse as a child. I’ve talked about it many times now because it helps others and it helps me let go and move forward. We can become who we want to become in spite of whatever has happened in the past. We are all healing from something. And we all can make the choice to make peace with our past and learn to let it go. Her lyrics are the bomb. “The past can’t haunt [you] if [you] don’t let it, live and learn and never forget it.” Every experience we have teaches us about the better futures we want to shape for ourselves. I know going through hell and back “has made me who I am,“ and I honestly wouldn’t change it. But we all do have this choice: “choose redemption, your happy ending’s up to you.”

Cultivating your relationship with yourself, building self-confidence, and learning to love yourself is the FIRST step you need to take to create a life you truly want to live. And doing so, you attract all the love and all the great relationships. Even the “one” relationships that you may desire.  Make a boss list, listen to your love playlist, and get to work. You don’t have to listen to the “the boogieman under [your] bed” or your inner b*tch “putting crazy thoughts inside [your] head” anymore.

You are enough. You are worthy of love. Your person is out there and will love you. He’s on his way. It hit me one day, at a wedding in 2013, that I wasn’t going to attract a bad *ss until I could walk out the door feeling like a bad *ss. Can you think of one thing you could do today to make you feel like a bad *ss?

Been a prisoner of the past
Had a bitterness when I looked back
Was telling everyone it’s not that bad
‘Til all my sh*t hit the fan

I think it’s time to practice what I preach
Exorcise the demons inside me
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go
The past can’t haunt me if I don’t let it
Live and learn and never forget it
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go

Had a boogieman under my bed
Putting crazy thoughts inside my head
Always whispering, “It’s all your fault”
He was telling me, “No, you’re not that strong”

I know I’m always like
Telling everybody, “You don’t gotta be a victim
Life ain’t always fair, but hell is living in resentment
Choose redemption, your happy ending’s up to you”

Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Learn to let go, learn to let go
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Learn to let go, learn to let go

I’m done reliving my bad decisions
I see now maybe there’s a reason
Why, I, I, I, I, I, I been through hell and back
Yeah, honestly, it’s what made me who I am
Holding on to wasted time
Gotta learn to let go in life

Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Learn to let go, learn to let go
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Hey-eh-eh-eh, yeah
Learn to let go, learn to let go

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