When Amazon’s #1 mate seeking, new release author, Karen Stanley set out to share her personal story and advice with others in Becoming Mrs. Stanley, her hope was they’d find the same success she did. Little did she know, it would turn into a global conversation with fans around the world.

  • “Looking forward to featuring more great content from Karen in the near future.”

    – Co-Founder Lee Rankinen, Optimal Living Daily Podcast

  • “Karen is an absolute gem! She flowed right through the topics of conversation with ease, DREAM GUEST!”

    – Host Bri Camille, Single Mom Tribe Podcast

  • “Mrs. Karen Stanely was our guest in Episode #50, and the response I received from her story and her message was nothing short of massive.”

    – Host Sarah Fay Schaaf, Show it Off Podcast

  • “Her previous podcast episode with us grew so QUICKLY, we knew we had to bring her on to the LIVE version of the show.”

    – Host Angelo Liloc, Just F-Fit Podcast

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    Optimal Living Daily with Greg Audino

    Episode 826: How to Attract the Partner of Your Dreams by Karen Stanley of Mrs. Karen Stanley on Improving Self-Esteem

    Karen Stanley tells you what you can do to attract the partner of your dreams.

    Karen Stanley is an entrepreneur, professional Mezzo-Soprano, and former single mom who spent over two decades running her marketing business and performing around the country. During the eight years prior to her last first date with her husband John, she experienced the ups and downs, joys and challenges of raising two children as a single parent. It wasn’t until she transformed her negative beliefs about men and herself and kept her focus on becoming like the person she wanted to marry that Karen attracted the caliber of husband she had always wanted. Now, a published author, coach and speaker, Karen helps single moms cultivate self-love and self confidence, create the life they want in their current circumstances, and achieve their relationship goal by harnessing a belief within themselves that with the right systems and massive action, creating an incredible relationship is possible!

    The original post is located here: https://mrskarenstanley.com/attract-partner-your-dreams/

    Optimal Living Daily with Greg Audino

    How Fighting Affects Your Relationships by Author Karen Stanley

    Greg features one of Karen’s early blogs on how fighting affects your relationship. A desire to have a great marriage means you gotta talk about the uncomfortable stuff. Here’s why she steps up to the challenge.

    Happy Single Mom Podcast

    "Attracting Mr. Right"

    Karen joins host Khalifa, a single mum from the UK, to talk about dating and implementing Karen’s strategies post-divorce. Single mums who want to take a step toward happiness, this one is for you! You can find Khalifa on Instagram @khalifaandjo5iah.

    Single Mom Tribe with Bri Camille

    A Second Chance: When You're Ready Love Will Find You with John & Karen Stanley

    If you’re a single parent and you’ve grown weary and nearly lost all hope of every finding love in a life partner, John and Karen want to tell you ‘DON’T GIVE UP!’. If it is possible for one of us, it is possible for all of us.

    Single Mom Tribe with Bri Camille

    Becoming: From Ms. To Mrs. with Author Karen Stanley

    Karen shares the strategies she used to become the woman she would want to date in order to attract the type of man she wanted to date, Mr. Stanley.

    Show It Off with Sarah Fay Schaaf

    Gifts of Ending the Toxic Relationship Pattern with Author and Former Single Mama, Karen Stanley

    Karen shares the gifts and value of inviting a partner into your single mama house and becoming someone’s partner.

    Show It Off with Sarah Fay Schaaf

    Overcoming Struggles and Cultivating Self-Love to Attract Mr. Right with Author and Former Single Mama, Karen Stanley

    If you can’t even imagine how to date or integrate a man into your family dynamic as a single mama, this episode is for you.

    Crushing Your Fear with Michael Potorti

    Overcoming Fear of Failure and Fear of Being Vulnerable After Divorce and Trauma with Author Karen Stanley

    Michael speaks with Karen about her journey through the fear of failing (again) after divorce, foreclosure and bankruptcy – emerging to write her new book “Becoming Mrs. Stanley.”

    Just F-Fit with Angelo Liloc and Renata Trebing

    Confidence with Karen - Strategies for Cultivating Self-Confidence with Author Karen Stanley

    Be ready to take some notes because Karen shares TANGIBLE TIPS for you to increase your confidence! There’s so much gold and VALUE in here you’ll end up listening to it more than once.

    Just F-Fit with Angelo Liloc

    Transforming Your Beliefs to Transform Your Circumstances with Author Karen Stanley

    Through her personal metamorphosis, Karen purged the negative self-talk and replaced it with positive values of self-worth she knew she and all women need as a foundation.

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    Amazon’s #1 mate seeking, new release author, Karen Stanley, explains it best herself: “Hi, I’m Karen! I’m not a doctor or a psychologist. I was a single mom for a thousand years (OK, eight), and I finally found true love after dealing with abuse, going through divorce and experiencing bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession of my car – all while raising two kids alone. After attracting the wrong partner time and time again, I realized if you wanted to manifest a relationship you’ve always wanted, you must become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Once I took the time to increase my self-worth, people who didn’t enhance my life were no longer interesting and I was no longer attracted to them. And, I wasn’t attracting them either. I believe all people can find lasting-love, no matter what hell they’ve gone through.”

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