More Love Is What We Need

More Love Is What We Need

More love is what we need, and that’s what we already have.
In times of uncertainty and fear, we tend to think of what we don’t have or what we might not have in the future, or what we might run out of.
I was thinking about ways we can help reduce fear and anxiety: spread love and be the love we wish to create.
Spread Love
Spread love always, especially in times like this!
Here are the things I’m focused on doing and creating to help calm my mind when it wants to shift to the stuff that “could happen” instead of all the goodness and amazing things that can happen and are happening.
1. Call loved ones. Tell them you care and check in on them. We can feel isolated but we really aren’t. We can be united and spread love from our own homes when we are apart. I hadn’t talked to my mom in a week or so, and I felt so much better knowing she was all stocked up and feeling OK, and Dad is OK, too. My parents are 80 and 83 and they live hundreds of miles away.
2. Have a little mini spa day. My daughters did face masks last night and watched Hairspray
3. Family game nights. We haven’t had a game in so long – with our busy schedules. Now is the perfect time to hunker down around a board game or a card game. That’s exactly the plan for tonight when John gets home.
4. Give your body some love. Eat more greens and go for a walk, sit in the sunshine in the back yard for a minute and soak in some good ‘ol vitamin D
5. Wrap your arms around your loved ones. Tell them how much you love them.
6. Heavy up on vitamin C: Eat citrus, put vitamin C powder in your water, add powdered greens to your smoothies. You can’t give with an empty cup, so take care of you and your precious body so you can take care of the rest of your family. Your body is a gift. We have all been given another day. If we were given a potted flower or plant, we would water it and take care of that plant. We need to do the same for our bodies, these precious gifts we’ve been given. Boost your immune system and stay well!
7. Find some way to serve and to help. Donate food or money to a shelter. Ask your neighbors if they need anything. Any small way to help anyone. Any donation helps.
8. Use a guided meditation or guided exercise. This is one of my most favorite guided exercises I learned at UPW last year. My husband and I practiced this exercise this morning. It helps calm my mind and helps me focus on everything we have right now in our life, plus, it’s a fabulous breathing exercise that physically calms your nervous system:
Tony Robbins calls it “priming”. It’s so powerful:
9. Listen/watch a podcast or favorite mentor on YouTube. My favorites are Ed Mylett, Tom Bilyeu, Mel Robbins, Brene Brown. There are so many ways to use this time to learn and grow, and listen to fantastic leaders and thinkers.
10. Read read read. Read a book. Learn something new. We all need to find ways to strengthen our mindset because is so crucial right now. That’s exactly what it takes to get through any kind of crisis or difficult situation. I’m reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits and loving every word. Reading takes my mind off of what we CAN’T do right now and helps me keep my mind on what we CAN do right now. We can do things that help our body, minds, and spirits.
11. Yoga – all the gyms and yoga studios are canceled but we can do yoga at home! Even ten minutes. Even searching ten minute guided yoga on Youtube or just doing a few poses alone gives me a little boost and is definitely what the doctor ordered.
11 things to do during hard days
Increase your faith during hard times by doing one of these eleven things!
These are exactly the same things we can do each day to attract love into our lives.
Be the love you wish to attract and create!
Be the Love you wish to attract and create
Never stop becoming what you wish to attract.

Focusing on love attracts more love all around you.

I’m praying for all of us right now and wishing you health, safety and lots of love.

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