Ultimate Love Strategy Workbook (PDF)


Ultimate Strategy Workbook

The Ultimate Love Strategy contains all of the worksheets and exercises I used and wrote to help me let go of the past, focus on what I wanted to create and become the person I wanted to be! I believe that a relationship goal is just like any other goal. Attracting love is just like attracting anything else into your life. Manifesting a soul mate is no different than manifesting a new job or a new apartment if you have the right tools and strategies! Attracting a husband can be done if you have daily practices and strategies to let go of the past, let go of negative beliefs, and keep your focus on what you want to create in your life.

I was a single mom for a thousand years, and I didn’t attract my soul mate until I started using law of attraction tools and other exercises and strategies in this workbook that included writing and journaling every day. I did these exercises and followed these daily rituals that kept me focused on my goal, and by doing so, true love manifested. My husband was in front of me the entire time, but one day, after I had been working on myself for 17 months, he saw me differently. That’s because I was a different person. We didn’t come together until I used these strategies consistently and transformed my previous negative beliefs about men and relationships. It worked for one me. It can work for you!

Writing daily was one of the most important parts of my strategies for finding true love. I still do it to this day. Writing helps you keep your mind on task and keep focused on what you wanted to create, instead of what you don’t have or don’t want. This pdf workbook you print from home walks you through the exercises and strategies I actually used to manifest my husband John. The morning ritual helps you keep your focus on all the love that currently exists in your life all around you and helps you create even more love, joy, happiness and harmony in your life. It helps you remember to take care of that precious girl in the mirror. The exercises in this workbook train you to believe that true love IS possible, and your soul mate is out there manifesting you! Practicing these daily rituals and working through these strategies helps you let go of the past, learn from the men you have dated before, (teachers) helps you live your best life as if you have the romantic relationship of your dreams. By using these strategies, I transformed my life and my mind-set. I believe finding true love is possible for everyone, and I believe It takes tools: morning rituals, journaling, visualizing everything you want to create in your dream relationship on a daily basis is one of the keys to manifesting real love. It takes consistency. All you have to do is NOT QUIT! And it takes faith. Faith is believing in something you can’t see right now. Just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean he’s not there. He is out there is manifesting you right now!

If you haven’t written your soul mate list in your phone, you need to do that first! Write down everything you want in a husband. Then you use that list to propel you to become everything on that list! You attract true love by becoming the person you want to be! THEN you become a magnet for him. Read this blog post that has all the instructions: https://mrskarenstanley.com/how-to-create-your-soulmate-list-and-attract-true-love/

I didn’t manifest true love until I wrote my list in this specific way and put it in the notes in my phone.

Then, start on the worksheet

s in this packet. I arranged them in the order I feel that is most beneficial, but there’s no reason why you have to do them in any certain order. You do them a little at a time in whatever order you want! The important part is to visit them each day to do a little writing and reflection and create that time for yourself when you can be alone and undisturbed. You may have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to do this, but I promise it will be worth it! As I practiced these exercises and spent time every day writing, journaling, and reflecting, I started really enjoyed the process and started feeling better and better every day! And the more I read my notes, and consistently practiced this daily ritual, the more I believed that true love was possible! And it is! I married my soul mate on the beach in Maui on February 5, 2016. Here’s what’s inside:


This daily ritual helps you start each day with the intention of creating love and drawing your soul mate into your life. Here is what you will find in the pdf workbook that will help you become the person you want to be and become a magnet for real love. You can make as many copies of these pages as you want!

1. Gratitude

The best way to start out is to find three things you have right now in your life. When we focus on all the love we have currently in our life right now, we create and attract more love into our lives. I focused on the fact that I had two amazing kids who were healthy, I had a home, we had lots of family who helped me, we had sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and a million cousins that loved us. We have love all around us if that’s what we consistently notice and express gratitude. This helps us see more love and attract more love every day. Conversely, as you know, if you focus on what you don’t have (a husband, a romantic partner, a boyfriend) then you focus on everything you don’t have and create more of that: Lack.

If you can’t think of anything, be grateful you woke up today, you have a heartbeat, you get to live another day, and you have a bed to sleep in! Think of anything you have right now.

Greg Baer, who wrote the incredible book Real Love, says,

“Gratitude is not a trick of positive thinking. Gratitude is a choice we make to simply acknowledge the truth about what we have, which greatly amplifies our enjoyment of everything we receive.”

2. Wins from Yesterday

Next, write three wins from yesterday. Any win, no matter how big or small puts the winds in your sails and propels you to the next win! Focusing on the things that are going RIGHT helps us stay in the vibration that great things are already happening in your life right now, and you are worthy of true love, and you’re doing great, sis! Write down three things you accomplished, no matter how big, small, or silly you may think they are.

3. Quote of the Day

I didn’t actually start writing a quote of the day in my journal until I started listening to Grant Cardone, but I did have quotes on poster boards all over my room! Quotes are so powerful! Take screen shots of inspirational quotes every time you see one, and each morning, write one down to think about all day! If you love beautiful journals, you can also purchase one on my website, and in that journal, I have filled in all of my favorite inspirational quotes for you! But you don’t have to have anything fancy, just find quotes you like every day and write them down on your morning ritual worksheet! I do this every day still!

4. Self-Care

You need to practice self-care in order to attract someone who cares for you. Practicing now demonstrates to the universe that you believe you deserve to be cared for, you deserve to be treated with respect and love, and you deserve kindness. It starts with kindness in the mirror. Write down one thing you will do today to take care of you, mama: take a bath, get your nails done, yoga, hike, workout, read for 30 minutes, just make some tea and take a cat nap. Think of one thing mama needs, and get it on the list and do it for yourself! I cannot stress how important this is! If you don’t believe me, listen to Lucy:

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”– Lucille Ball

5. Today I will Accomplish (your to-do list for today)

Just write the things that need to be done today. If it can be done tomorrow, write it on tomorrow’s list, but write a list just for today to stay organized and cross them off one by one! Write down what you intend to do. Perhaps the first thing you write is: I attract true love. I practice self-care. I attract kindness.


Create a list of the things that you could do in your life right now that would make you feel like a boss. I realized that you can’t attract an awesome husband unless you feel awesome about yourself! As soon as I realized this, I asked myself, “Why DON’T I feel like a badass?” And I wrote them down. I listee all of the things that I really wanted to change and/or work toward so I would increase my self-confidence. This list creator part of the workbook helps you identify the small things that you can do to feel proud and feel better when you walk out the door every day. I broke my list into four categories and created attainable goals in each area that mattered to me: health, finances, environment, and family. Accomplishment builds confidence and confidence attracts confidence! You want to attract a confident man who will make you proud to be with, then this worksheet will help you attain small goals that make you feel proud and build confidence!


Happiness attracts happiness! Attract love into your life by creating more love in your life right now. We create love and joy and happiness by serving others and doing the things that we love to do, get them scheduled into the calendar. The best way to attract a husband that loves you and cares for you is to care for yourself! This part of the workbook will help you identify what it is that really fills your soul so you can get them in your calendar!


Every date is a teacher! When we focus on the lessons you’ve learned from the teachers you’ve dated, your world shifts in a huge way! You can feel grateful that it happened instead of sad that it’s over. Everyone is teaching you something if you pay attention. Focusing on the lesson helped me feel gratitude for everything that happened in the past. Writing down the lessons helps you stay focused on all the gifts of the past and that feeling of gratitude. Keeping that feeling of gratitude helps you attract more things to be grateful for!


Identify the characteristics of the men (teachers) you have been attracting that you DON’T WANT. We can learn why we have been attracting them, and learn how to release those old patterns keeping us stuck. Create new patterns and attract your soul mate!


Transforming your current negative beliefs you have about men, yourself, and relationships can be done! It’s a must for attracting the true love you deserve, instead of the type of relationship you have been attracting. This part of the workbook will help you identify what you currently believe that is keeping you single, help release the old beliefs and create new ones that help attract true love into your life.


Letting go of the past is hard, I know. It’s so much easier to hold on to the anger and sadness from our breakups. But that will keep us from moving forward and finding true love! We don’t want to hold onto the past, so we need tools that help. Here it is! Following this process in this section helped me see the past for what it was, let go of resentments, and move forward! Life is like a book! Some chapters are sad, some are happy. You had both of those chapters with your ex, and you’ll never know what will happen next unless you turn the page and start a new chapter. This part of the workbook will help you do just that. Let go of the past, turn the page, start the next chapter that makes you a magnet for true love and manifest your soul mate.

Wishing you lots of love!

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