Becoming Mrs. Stanley

The Single Mom's Guide to Attracting Mr. Right!
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Everyone deserves love that lasts a lifetime. But for many years, I didn’t believe that it was possible, and I didn’t believe that I deserved it. Ten years before I wrote this book, I went through divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure all in one glorious year! I’ve always been an all-or-nothing kinda gal! I was a single mom with two awesome kids, and life was good, but I longed for a husband, and I kept attracting men who didn’t love me and didn’t want what I wanted.  READ MORE

Then, it hit me.

I won’t attract a bad ass husband unless I feel like a bad ass when I walk out the door! You can’t expect anyone to love you, respect you, and trust you until you love, respect, and trust yourself! This sent me on a mission to create systems that helped me become the person I wanted to marry, and I realized that it was actually a strategy. This is the strategy I used to quiet that inner critic, create happiness in everyday life, transform my beliefs about men, and learn to truly love myself exactly the way I AM. And when I grew my own self-confidence, my soulmate manifested. He was right in front of me the whole time, but one day, he saw me as if I were a different person. That’s because I was a different person. Now I’m sharing my journey and my own personal strategy with you, so that you can become a magnet for true love. It worked for me, it can work for YOU!

Create Love Today Journal

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I designed this journal based on what I wished I’d had when I was on a mission to manifest my soulmate. I created this journal so you could start each day with the intention of creating love and drawing your soul mate into your life. It includes a daily planner and plenty of journaling space alongside the exercises, worksheets, and daily rituals all in one convenient (and beautiful) spot.READ MORE

Creating love from within strengthens your belief that true love is possible and magnifies your ability to attract love. True love won’t be able to stay away! Cultivating self-love starts as soon as you wake up; if you want to change your life, change your morning. If you can conquer your mornings, you can conquer your day! Writing every morning was one of the most important parts of my strategies for finding true love. It helped me keep my mind on task and keep myself focused on what I wanted to create (an awesome marriage), instead of what I didn’t currently have (a husband). Writing helps us keep our focus on all the love that currently exists in our lives all around us and helps us create even more love, joy, happiness, and harmony in our lives. Practicing these daily rituals will help you live your best life as if you have the romantic relationship of your dreams. By using these strategies and starting every morning this way, I transformed my life and my mindset.

The Create Love Today Journal is bougie! 160-page wire-bound journal with a hard cover.

Becoming Mrs. Stanley (Audiobook)

The Single Mom's Guide to Attracting Mr. Right!

COMING SOON! This audiobook version of Becoming Mrs. Stanley read by the author, Karen Stanley.

Karen reads her story and her journey as a single mom who kept attracting men who didn’t love her and didn’t want what she wanted. When she realized she won’t attract a bad ass husband unless she felt like a badass herself, she started her mission to become the person she always wanted to be so she could attract her soulmate, and created strategies to help her do just that. Karen’s strategies will serve as a guide to help women achieve the love they deserve.

Ultimate Love Strategy

Downloadable PDF Workbook

The Ultimate Love Strategy contains all of the worksheets and exercises I used and wrote to help me let go of the past, focus on what I wanted to create and become the person I wanted to be! I believe that a relationship goal is just like any other goal. Attracting love is just like attracting anything else into your life. Manifesting a soul mate is no different than manifesting a new job or a new apartment if you have the right tools and strategies! Attracting a husband can be done if you have daily practices and strategies to let go of the past, let go of negative beliefs, and keep your focus on what you want to create in your life.

Download Free Worksheets

Download free pdf tools and exercises that help you become a magnet for true love and attract the love of your life! I created systems for keeping me on track and used these exact tools to help keep me focused on what I wanted to create, and I’m sharing them with you so you can find true love and attract your soulmate!