To manifest the relationship you've always wanted... you must become the person you've always wanted to be!

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Hi friend! Have you struggled with negative self talk? Have you felt like real love isn’t available to you? Do you feel different? Maybe deep down you feel you are not really worthy of attracting your dream partner?

I did too!

I also struggled with the negative beliefs about marriage itself. I didn’t believe it was possible for me for a very long time. I criticized myself forever. I never liked my reflection in the mirror, I always thought I was too big and weighed too much. And then my inner critic (I like to call her my “inner bitch”) would start in my circumstances. Saying I’m damaged goods.


This course helps you eradicate your limiting, negative beliefs and transform your life! This course will help you become more confident, more secure, and more joyful. This course is all about leaving the past in the past and creating the life YOU want. Including attracting the partner of YOUR DREAMS!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Karen! I’m not a doctor or psychologist. I was a single mom for a thousand years (OK, eight), and I finally experienced real love after dealing with abuse, going through divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession of my car — all while raising two kids alone.

After struggling with self-worth and attracting the wrong partner time and time again, I wondered if I could use similar strategies I used in business to create a plan to build self-worth — one with easy-to-implement, actionable steps. So I built a plan and IT WORKED.

Now it’s my mission to share it with others. Read my story, Becoming Mrs. Stanley, and get your guide to creating the life you want today!

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Each week get strategies, tools, and tips for creating the life you WANT, and attracting the relationship you deserve!

Check Out

My Love Playlist

If you are going to be the writer, director, producer, and the MAIN STAR of the amazing life you are creating for yourself, then you need an awesome soundtrack, right? Heck, yeah!

So I made a love playlist! It’s an amazing tool to help you FEEL GOOD and help you believe that everything you are creating is on its way TO YOU!

Especially that perfect partner.

My Love Playlist is jam packed full of songs that are fun, positive, and full of love. (Warning: this playlist might make you spontaneously break into a happy dance.) And now I’m sharing it with you! I put the whole thing on Spotify for you to enjoy! Definitely give me more songs to add!

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Elton John baby! 🎊🎉
John was an adopted only child “raised” in the Boston projects by an alcoholic “mother”  who would leave him alone for weeks at a time. John looks like Clark Kent and he has the fancy suits and fancy watches, so when you hear his story, you will be shocked, you will laugh, and you might shed some tears. But hopefully you will be inspired. Podcast is launching soon and you will be able to hear his story! Stay tuned! @johnstanley9286 @aretesyndicate
Took me 8 years to realize my head is bigger than John’s. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
When daughter wants you to dress up as Cruella for her birthday party, you do. ❤️

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