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About Me

Hi! I’m Karen, executive marketing strategist turned coach and hypno-transformation therapist. I help women change their relationship with their inner b*tch (that lives in their head), by teaching practical mind-shifting techniques they can use long-term to attract the ONE.

I do this through simple, effective methods that are taught in the exclusive Hypno Solution coaching program.

Like most women I work with, I struggled most of my early life, never feeling good enough. Nor did I ever feel skinny enough or exude enough willpower. And to top it off, I would bring so much unnecessary internal suffering upon myself with false beliefs and toxic thoughts that I would attract all the wrong energy. If there were a shocking new drama on Netflix with the main character overcoming sexual abuse as a child and then bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, and repossession all in one glorious year, I would get the lead role.

It wasn’t until I utilized hypno-healing tools and strategies to transform my limited negative beliefs that I broke up with my inner b*tch. Then, I pursued things I never thought possible, including the construction of my own business, raising two beautiful, smart children all on my own, and, attracting the incredible man I now call my husband. By actively cultivating the marriage I’ve always wanted with hypno-focused tools, I’ve created lasting joy in our lives, even through all the unexpected chaos life throws our way. It’s a constant journey. As John Maxwell says, “There is no finish line. If you cross it, you’re finished.”

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My Love Playlist

If you are going to be the writer, director, producer, and the MAIN STAR of the amazing life you are creating for yourself, then you need an awesome soundtrack, right? Heck, yeah!

So I made a love playlist! It’s an amazing tool to help you FEEL GOOD and help you believe that everything you are creating is on its way TO YOU!

Especially that perfect partner.

My Love Playlist is jam packed full of songs that are fun, positive, and full of love. (Warning: this playlist might make you spontaneously break into a happy dance.) And now I’m sharing it with you! ​ I put the whole thing on Spotify for you to enjoy! Definitely give me more songs to add!

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If you have yo-yo dieted for decades like I had before working with @jennyfitwellness then you have to listen to this episode! She completely changed all of the beliefs I had about food, helped me lose weight, and figure out what to eat to sleep better, feel better, think better, everything. Create Today Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube! Link in bio!⁠
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My cute little mama birthed 11 children. ELEVEN. She’s the most selfless person on the planet. I’m number 6 and she always calls John her favorite #12. Brings him to tears because his adopted mom was the worst. And he never met his his real mom. By the time we found her she had already passed. Happy mothers Day to all the mamas, step mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and those whose mamas have passed. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Several years ago, @annelaguzza had only one pair of pants that fit, and her doctor wanted to put her on cholesterol medicine. That's when she started her health journey! 90 days later, all her levels were normal, she didn't need medicine, and she's still going strong years later! I hope you love this interview! Create Today Podcast is on Apple, Spotify, and Youtube!⁠
Link is in my bio ❤️⁠
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