To manifest the relationship you've always wanted... you must become the person you've always wanted to be!


Create Today


Create Today Podcast with John and Karen Stanley

From Desperation to Gratitude by the Grace of God with Mark Ferrelli

Episode 3

Mark Ferrelli is a Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur, a fitness specialist, and a First Phorm Legionnaire. He shares his personal emotional story of his struggles with loss and depression, and how he was ultimately able to pull through it with the grace of God. He shares his strategies for pulling yourself out of the worst times, and how to create your own happiness.

Create Today Podcast with John and Karen Stanley

Heal your relationship with food and feel better than ever with Renata Trebing

Episode 2

Renata Trebing is a mom, a wife, an intuitive nutrition coach, incredible chef and recipe inventor of all the healthy deliciousness, AND the author of two books. Her best-selling cookbook Nourish Your Body: A 30-Day Healthy and Delicious Meal Plan and, her latest book Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Renata shares her journey with food, how she healed her family with food, and how she became an intuitive nutritionist to help others heal their relationship with food to feel better than ever before. She shares her strategies for healing your body, mind, and spirit so you can, too!

Create Today Podcast with John and Karen Stanley

From the Boston Projects to Car Boss with John Stanley

Episode 1

Part 1 of John Stanley’s incredible life story. John tells all about his early life as an adopted only child of an alcoholic mother who would leave him alone in the Boston Projects for weeks at a time. He shares his journey of joining the military to stay out of jail, and how he eventually paved a path to success.



Moms Moving On

The Important Lessons We Learn From Our Exes

Michelle Dempsey-Multack, MS, CDS and Karen discuss how we can shift our perspective, take the lessons we learned from our relationships, and move on to create the relationships we truly desire.

Beyond the Image

Grow Your Network to Grow Your Net Worth with Karen Stanley

In today’s episode, I interview Karen Stanley about why we need to cultivate the best relationships; not only with others, but also with ourselves. And how these relationships can improve our business.

Optimal Living Daily with Greg Audino

Episode 847: Lessons Learned in Love by Karen Stanley

Karen Stanley describes lessons learned in love, how to find love again after divorce, & learning your lesson to find true happiness.

Single Parent Advocate

Cultivating Better Relationships for Single Parents

Optimal Living Daily with Greg Audino

Episode 826: How to Attract the Partner of Your Dreams

Karen Stanley tells you what you can do to attract the partner of your dreams.

Liberated Life Podcast

Reinventing Yourself or Becoming the Person You Want to Be!

After finding herself repeating the same mistakes and encountering the ‘same’ difficult relationships over and over, Karen tells us how to find the lesson, and move on to attract the right relationship.

Optimal Living Daily with Greg Audino

How Fighting Affects Your Relationships by Author Karen Stanley

Greg features one of Karen’s early blogs on how fighting affects your relationship. A desire to have a great marriage means you gotta talk about the uncomfortable stuff.

Happy Single Mom Podcast

Attracting Mr. Right

Karen joins host Khalifa, a single mum, to talk about dating and implementing Karen’s strategies post-divorce. Single mums who want to take a step toward happiness, this one is for you!

Single Mom Tribe with Bri Camille

A Second Chance: When You're Ready Love Will Find You

If you’re a single parent and you’ve grown weary and nearly lost all hope of every finding love in a life partner, John and Karen want to tell you ‘DON’T GIVE UP!’. If it is possible for one of us, it is possible for all of us.

Single Mom Tribe with Bri Camille

From Ms. To Mrs. with Author Karen Stanley

Karen shares the strategies she used to become the woman she would want to date in order to attract the man she wanted to date, Mr. Stanley.

Show It Off with Sarah Fay Schaaf

Gifts of Ending the Toxic Relationship Pattern

Karen shares the gifts and value of inviting a partner into your single mama house and becoming someone’s partner.

Show It Off with Sarah Fay Schaaf

Overcoming Struggles and Cultivating Self-Love to Attract Mr. Right

If you can’t even imagine how to date or integrate a man into your family dynamic as a single mama, this episode is for you.

Crushing Your Fear with Michael Potorti

Overcoming Fear of Failure and Fear of Being Vulnerable After Divorce

Michael speaks with Karen about her journey through the fear of failing (again) after divorce, foreclosure and bankruptcy – emerging to write her new book “Becoming Mrs. Stanley.”

Just F-Fit with Angelo Liloc and Renata Trebing

Confidence with Karen - Strategies for Cultivating Self-Confidence

Be ready to take some notes because Karen shares TANGIBLE TIPS for you to increase your confidence! There’s so much gold and VALUE in here you’ll end up listening to it more than once.

Just F-Fit with Angelo Liloc

Transforming Your Beliefs to Transform Your Circumstances

Through her personal metamorphosis, Karen purged the negative self-talk and replaced it with positive values of self-worth

she knew she and all women need as a foundation.