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Make Your Life One Big Adventure! 2 Octogenarians Who Lived Around The World & Raised 11 Children

Episode 50

Benny and Willa Knudsen were married in 1961 and shortly had their first child in 1962. They never would’ve imagined that the subsequent three decades would bring them all over the world and 11 children. At the time of this recording, Willa is almost 82, and Benny is 86 and they are still going strong! The lessons and stories from raising 11 children and moving every few years, sometimes overseas, are like nothing you can even imagine.

As of 2/23/24, their family has grown to over 100 people, with 50 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and dozens of sons/daughters in law and grandson/granddaughters in law. Although this episode was primarily recorded for our family to listen and learn a little bit more about our parents/grandparents/great grandparents, I think anyone would revel in the stories and lessons from the extraordinary life of two young kids who met in college, brought eleven children into this world, and embraced life as one huge adventure. Laugh and cry along with me as I ask my parents questions I’ve never asked, and hear them share things I’ve never heard them say. Thank you for watching! God bless you!

Develop Your Leadership Skills And 10x Your Business With Kip Knippel

Episode 49

I’m so excited to have Kip Knippel join us on the podcast this week to talk all things leadership! Kip is a brilliant mind who always knew he was going to be a lawyer and once he achieved that goal, he realized he didn’t want to work for anyone but himself. Once he started prioritizing his core values, he was able to kickstart his own business and create the success he dreamed of. In this episode, we talk about the importance of leadership especially in business. Kip shares his insights on how constantly improving to become a better person has helped everyone in his business which has created growth overall. Tune in to learn how to create better leadership qualities one day at a time!

Be Mentally And Physically Strong At 75 With Ed DeLorenzo

Episode 48

This episode was so fun getting to interview the “OG Delo,” Ed DeLorenzo who is a 75 year old bodybuilder! His family emigrated from Italy and settled in Brooklyn. Delo shares what life was like as a kid in Brooklyn and then later growing up in New Jersey. He walks us through some of the highs and lows that shaped his life story, including how he began bodybuilding which led to him competing at age 75! You will laugh and cry as he takes us through his journey on how to compete with yourself, put family first, and create a life of success that you can look back on, and KEEP living, with satisfaction.

Stop Trying To SELL And Increase Your Sales With Stephanie van Dam

Episode 47

Stephanie van Dam is here to teach us all about growing our business effectively through our relationships! Stephanie is the owner of Sandler by Clydesdale Performance Management. She teaches us that good business is NOT just about selling your product but actually about building relationships! It starts with identifying what it is your product will bring to your clients. Will it save people time, money, or give them peace of mind? And how can you create actionable steps to show people the benefit of your product? In this episode, we talk strategies for keeping yourself accountable, streamlining your goals, and knowing what to automate and what to keep personalized in order to grow your business. Tune in and start creating the growth you want, one day at a time!

Love Your Life After Loss With Mary Hopper

Episode 46

Mary Hopper is a remarkable author and coach! Transitioning from an occupational therapist to an author and coach has allowed Mary to embrace her creative spirit and savor life to the fullest. Her book titled “Lighten Up Your Life” guides us on the art of slowing down and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. Mary opens up about her mom’s battle with cancer and how losing her mom has shaped her. Despite her challenges, Mary has such a positive outlook on life! One of her intentions is to take more photos and enjoy the beautiful aspects of day to day living. Join us in this episode as she unveils small yet powerful ways to infuse more fun into our lives.

Never Stop Pivoting And Achieve Your Dreams With Dr. Emily Marshall

Episode 45

Dr. Emily Marshall is a mom, national champion gymnast, podcast host, chiropractor, and clothing designer! In 2022, she launched her clothing line Frexy Fit, driven by the vision of creating luxury pieces that are actually functionable and comfortable for women. This interview was so fun getting to know pieces of Emily’s story. She gives us a glimpse into the life of a competitive gymnast, sharing how her sport helped shape her into the strong, resilient person she is today. Her life journey led her to become a chiropractor and a mom, and she masterfully juggled those responsibilities. Now, she shares her love of creating through Frexy Fit and her podcast, Fresh and Fired Up. She talks about not getting caught up in one identity, how she chose to stay excited when her gymnastics career ended because she saw it as a door opening rather than closing. Emily is a beautiful example of how to pursue your passions and decide to create who you want to be today!



Fresh & Fired Up

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