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Move Through Trauma and Abuse With Prayer and Realize Your Dreams with Tabitha Holmes

Episode 31

Tabitha is such an inspiration to me. She’s the owner of a huge fashion design company and has been through trauma, divorce, abuse, and every kind of heartbreak you can imagine. She says that even though she’s been through hell, she’s also been through so much heaven. Her beautifully told story shows us how faith, prayer, and following your intuition will carry you through the darkness and help you realize your dreams. We shed some tears and lots of laughs. You will absolutely adore her and be inspired to chase your dreams!

Get out of your comfort zone and live your MISSION with John Wagner

Episode 30

John Wagner is the founder and CEO of Limitless Financial Group, a patriot, father, and husband. We had a blast discussing all kinds of topics. I truly enjoy getting different perspectives on what’s happening in the world today, and the actions we can take to build a purpose-driven life we love. We discuss masculinity, why it’s under attack, and the difference between your duties and your mission. I asked him to share his perspective on dating and attracting a real man, for my single ladies out there. I think it’s smart to get a happily married, Christian, masculine man’s perspective, especially if you want to attract that type of man into your life. Ultimately, building the life that you truly want comes down to getting out of your comfort zone and into your mission. We take a deep dive into the differences between your “why” and your mission in life, and why it’s important to distinguish the two! I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did! God bless you!

Carey Weiss

RTT Hypnotherapy for Anxiety About Dating Again After Divorce – Carey Weiss

Episode 29

Carey Weiss is an RTT Therapist who so graciously accepted my invite to be on my show and talk about her experience in our session to free herself from the anxiety she was feeling about dating again after her divorce. She was waking up in the middle of the night in full panic, and not able to go to sleep, and was filled with nervousness and angst.

In her session, she was able to discover the root cause of her suffering, and let go of the beliefs that led her to have panic attacks. Now, she’s completely free of anxiety and totally in love with her boyfriend. She’s able to easily and effortlessly be completely open and honest, and allow herself to fall in love and achieve true joy.

Never Stop Being Curious with Jenn Cordz

Episode 28

Jenn Cordz got pregnant in college at the age of 19, and she’s never let it stop her from creating an incredible life. You’ll love hearing about her life growing up in Cairo, Egypt, and her journey through ups and downs, blending into the culture in America, being a single mom at 20, and everything she’s done since.

Jenn is a professional angler, software programmer, book publisher, motorcycle racer, and professional adventurer. You’ll see how she equates success to always being curious, always learning something new, and just never stopping!

How to Detox from Injections with Mary Yuter, RN

Episode 27

Nurse Mary is back! She was an ICU nurse at one of the busiest hospitals in the country for 13 years, and now she has her own practice helping people heal from Cardiac events, and prevent them from ever happening in the first place!

I wanted to have her back and tell us how we can detox from the injections the past few years. She’s seen a myriad of heart problems and health problems in her practice since 2020, and she works with patients who are worried about any adverse effects that may happen in the future. I asked her to give us a run down so we can help others detox and live healthily ever after! We covered such a wide variety of topics that can help anyone feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and improve their health, whether or not you have received any injections in the last few years, so I took notes and put the links to everything she recommends in the show notes so it’s easy for you to find them!

Don’t Let Anyone Determine Your Worth – Kristen Keogh

Episode 26

Like most women, Kristen has had a tumultuous relationship with her body and self-worth for most of her young life. Being in modeling, acting, then journalism and content creation put tons of so-called experts in her path telling her what was acceptable and what wasn’t. She was told what she needed to look like and what to wear, even down to the BRA. She silently suffered early in life with an eating disorder that she’s never talked about publicly. Kristen was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left her in constant pain and agony for years while working multiple jobs with insane hours. Again, everyone in her life told her what she was supposed to be, look like, post, do, and say.

I’m so grateful for Kristen for opening up about really uncomfortable topics about her personal life because she’s a great example to all women struggling to love themselves and their bodies. Kristen proves to us that no matter what we believed when we were young, we can take our power back, grow to love our bodies, and live a truly fulfilled life on our own terms. She now has a young son, complete freedom to run her business and be a mom, and she doesn’t let anyone outside herself determine her worth. In this episode, she shares powerful stories and inspiration so all women can do the same and love themselves completely.



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