Creating a Harmonized Home to Attract Love

When my kids were little and I was a single mom, I always struggled with having a perfectly organized house, because while I prefer things to be in order and clean, I also wanted my home to be an environment where my kids could create and play and slide mattresses down the stairs and tie blankets to the banisters and make hammocks and paint and have Nerf gun wars and make forts. My top priority was not to have a clean house nor impress anyone. The only people who came over were all the kids from the neighborhood, and my house was their favorite place to be. That was my top priority. But I found that just creating a little more order and a little more harmony did change how I felt when I was in my home. When there are pillows/mattresses/blankets/projects/forts/laundry/Hot Wheels/dolls (you get the idea) scattered everywhere, there’s no way that creates a peaceful situation for Mom so much.

Creating a little more harmony changes how you feel

By creating more harmony in your home, you can also positively influence your feelings.

When my house was a hot mess, to the point that I would have died if anyone popped in unexpectedly, I stayed single. When I slowly but surely tidied up each room, one by one and made it a priority to just create more order, my whole world changed.

One of the secrets for finding love is feeling good in your current home, no matter what your home looks like. I’m no feng shui expert nor an interior designer, I just know from my experience. So, I found an expert:

“Your home either nurtures and supports you or it depletes your energy and leaves you exhausted,” says interior designer and founder and CEO of Home and Harmony Lifestyle Christa O’Leary. “In today’s frenetic world, it is more important than ever to create a calm and peaceful space that allows you to recharge.”

Ask Yourself

So, where do you start? The question I asked myself was this: “If the man of my dreams knocked on the door right now, would I make him wait while I cleaned up?”

If the man of your dreams knocked on the door right now, would you make him wait?

Don’t waste time stressing about your home when you can be proud of it. Even with a surprise visit from the man of your dreams!

If you were going to make the love of your life wait while you tidied up, what would you be doing? You really don’t want your soul mate to stand outside waiting for you to get your sh*t together, so why not do it now! Like always attracts like, so if there is disarray in your home, you will attract disarray. If you live amid mess and disorganization, you will attract a mess. Mess = stress. If you really took inventory and organized room by room, closet by closet, little by little, you might feel like a million bucks!

Harmony Takes Time

An orderly house is not something that happens one Saturday afternoon. Creating harmony in your home is not something to be stressed out about. Harmony in your home is an ongoing gift you give yourself.

Harmony truly is a gift, especially in your home!

No one can thrive in a messy, unorganized environment. Tell the truth about each of your spaces. If you really don’t feel good in your kitchen and if you can’t find things easily, you might be causing yourself stress that you don’t even know you’re causing because things aren’t in order. You may feel embarrassed about something if he popped in unannounced.

Whatever you feel embarrassed about, I believe that is the universe telling you to change it. You will feel so much better if you just do it. Clean it. Throw it away. Get a new rug. I vacuumed, I dusted, I cleaned out all the closets, I gave away half of my clothes, and I got new bedding—not all in one day. Do one thing every day for fifteen to thirty minutes. Put the kids to bed, or get up thirty minutes earlier and clean one room, one closet, one load of laundry! It’s for you!

Strategies to Make Chores Enjoyable

I used that time to listen to music or watch a YouTube video while I did chores. I used that time to reconnect with friends and family I hadn’t talked to in a while. There are always plus sides to everything on your to-do list. You may think you hate doing laundry, but it still needs to be done. Getting something done feels good. Listening to My Love Playlist while I was getting things done helped me believe that true love exists. Listening to your favorite comedian and laughing while you’re getting something done feels even better. Listening to a book or a podcast and learning while you’re getting something done feels even better.

You want to walk into each room of your house and be in love with it. Not because it’s perfect or fancy or brand new designer BS, but because it’s your home and you are excited to invite him over very soon!!! Envision yourself and your sweetheart in that kitchen making dinner together. Envision yourself and your man sitting on that couch holding hands, watching a movie. Envision him walking into your bedroom, and feel all the excitement that comes with new love. Visualizing helped me attract true love. You want to open each closet and smile because it’s all in order so you can visualize your husband there with you, instead of being embarrassed for the disorder.

Doing this little by little every day greatly helped me feel better and feel more calm. Getting rid of the embarrassment of untidiness helped me feel more confident about everything! I didn’t attract my soul mate until I felt better about myself, in every area of my life, including my home.

Attracting your soul mate starts with you and your happiness!

My circumstances did not change! I lived in the same house made roughly the same income, had the same kids, roughly the same clothes, same debt, everything was the same except my own self worth. I didn’t find love again until I did little things every day that grew my self worth and self confidence, and created more harmony any way I could. So I hope some of these ideas help you! If you’d like to follow my on Spotify you can find my love playlist!

Wishing you lots of love!



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