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Who doesn’t love this song from the movie RIO? After watching this movie, I was so ready to find love! And I didn’t just want to fall in love, I wanted someone who was made for me, like we were made to be together for a lifetime. It’s a silly animated movie I watched with my kids, sure, but these lyrics matched exactly what I wanted to create. So right away “Fly Love” made the cut to my love playlist, the song list I created to help keep my focus on exactly what I wanted.

Fly Love from the Rio movie soundtrack

Fly Love from the Rio Soundtrack

Performed by Jamie Foxx

After watching this movie with my kids I was even more ready to find love

Wasn’t really thinking,
Wasn’t looking
Wasn’t searching for an answer

In the moonlight
When I saw your face

Saw you looking at me,
Saw you peeking
Out from under moon beams
Through the palm trees,
Swaying in the breeze

I know I’m feeling so much more
Than ever before
And so I’m giving more to you
Than I thought I could do

Don’t know how it happened
Don’t know why but you don’t really
Need a reason
When the stars shine
Just to fall in love

I wanted lifelong soulmate love

Made to love each other,
Made to be together
For a lifetime
In the sunshine
Flying in the sky

I know I’m feeling so much more
Than ever before
And so I’m giving more to you
Than I thought I could do, Oh

Now I know love is real
So when sky high
As the angels try
Leaving you, and I Fly, Love

Songwriters: Carlinhos Brown, Siedah Garrett

When I worked on transforming myself, that’s when it happened

If you are familiar with my story, then you know how it happened for me. Once I believed in myself and put in the work, I attracted the man that was made to love me and be my partner for a lifetime. I believe that doing these things and transforming myself are the reasons why it happened for me, and if it can happen for me, it can happen for you, too! I believe I was made to love him. I was created and saved to be his wife.

All the experiences I went through were preparation to create the being that John needed me to be. I knew him for 6 years before he first “saw” me. Are you ready to find that one person who will make you a believer? Are you ready to say, “We are made to love each other, made to be together for a lifetime?” Or are you settling for being single?

You deserve to find true love. I believe everyone does, and I believe in you. Listen to this lovely song and add it to a My Love Playlist of your own. Or better yet, go ahead and watch the movie. With or without the kids!

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