Heartland by Stick Figure – My Love Playlist

I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae lately…I mean, after a month of Christmas music that is. I never listen to reggae. I’ve got one Ziggy Marley tune and maybe a couple Bob Marley tunes in my library, but that’s it. Our friend Joe had Pepper radio playing at the dealership and we loved it! It’s happy music. Makes you feel like you’re on vacation at the beach sipping a mai tai. I had never heard of Pepper before. They have some good songs, but every time a song by Stick Figure came on, they were always my faves in the whole playlist. I hope they go on tour soon. This song Heartland is especially happy and fun…the best kind of songs to listen to when you’re working on believing that real love exists and it’s meant for you. And I love the title. Usually you think of “heartland” as a place. But I think he’s talking about living in your heart instead of in your head, which is definitely one of my focuses for this year. Instead of over thinking, how bout over loving the people that I really care about. Instead of doubting that you will find someone amazing, listen to your heart. In your heart you know that we are not solitary creatures and we were MEANT and BUILT to have companionship and love and a partner. Your head might not say that but you know your heart does. I thought at first this was a regular love song, but after I listened to it a couple times, I realized that he’s talking about someone far away. She’s not with him. They may get back together, but in the meantime he’s got nothing but love. Isn’t that the goal? I think yes. To be able to look back at past experiences and past relationships (who were teachers) and have a smile on your face. Everything that has happened in your life and everyone you have ever dated, no matter the circumstances, no matter the length of time, and no matter how it ended, was a gift. A teacher. You learned so much. You’re different now. You can use that wisdom and show up in the best way for others. Everyone you love. And focusing on those lessons helps you move forward and put a smile on your face. And everything you consume matters. Everything you see, hear, listen to, every conversation matters! They are either bringing you closer to. your goal of attracting the one meant for you, or bringing you further away. So I hope you edit your playlist and listen to nothing except what will get you closer to your goal of attracting real love, or enjoy my playlist! I put the whole thing on spotify for you!

I got a smile on my face, it’s a beautiful day

I smile to the world, I smile to the day

And ain’t nothing wrong, I can’t complain

This love is so strong, from playing this game

Nothing but love here, in peace and harmony

Nothing but love here, it’s our destiny

I just need a cigarette, lord help me breathe

I ain’t got a lot of regrets, still I can’t sleep

So what you wanna do? What else can I say?

I hope it’s not true, but you’re so far away

Nothing but love here, in peace and harmony

Nothing but love here, it’s our destiny

The day will come, maybe not for a while

I can give you my world, we can share in a smile

Let me tell you like it is, it’s all a man can really do

Close your eyes, and these words will come true

Nothing but love here, in peace and harmony

Nothing but love here, it’s our destiny

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