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I’m Not Afraid By Ma and Pa – My Love Playlist

How cool is this? Emily, the “Ma” in Ma and Pa and a singer-songwriter, found my love playlist on Spotify and emailed me this week! She wrote a song and recorded it with her husband, which is awesome. I love her voice and I love the song!

It’s so true that fear keeps us from living the life we truly want to live. Fear keeps us from being vulnerable and exposing our true selves. And, the only way to have the relationship that we’ve always wanted, is to let the fear dissolve and take one step forward. Courage is the only way!

I love this quote:

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

Franklin D Roosevelt said that. I don’t know about you, but it always seemed to me that you’re either born with courage or born scared of everything. I was scared of everything. I had to learn that this limiting belief was just not true. I had to learn that my desire to create the relationship I’d always dreamed of having was stronger than my fears of what could happen and what could go wrong. I could get hurt again. I could be sad again. I could get fooled again. Yes, that is also true; however, if we look at all of our experiences and all of the people we’ve ever dated (or married) as teachers, then everything changes. Every date makes us smarter. Every break up makes us stronger. Every experience is another course in the school of life. Every date is a new tool in your tool belt.

Experiences (especially tough ones) help you get crystal clear about what you want and what you don’t want. You must know those things in order to attract what you do want.

Even you put yourself out there and it’s a complete disaster, you’re not starting over, you are starting again. Smarter than you were before because you just learned lessons you hadn’t learned before!

I love you.

I’m not afraid.

I love you.

Don’t be afraid.

It will hurt, it will hurt, it will hurt

It will burn, it will burn, it will burn

Do you know do you know what it’s worth

I love you.

I’m not afraid.

I love you.

Don’t be afraid.

It will end, it will end, it will end

Don’t know when, don’t know when, don’t know when

it will end in the end it will end oh no don’t know when

I love you

I’m not afraid

I love you

Don’t be afraid

It’s a beautiful song written and sung by a beautiful couple! Check them out on Spotify on My Love Playlist! And, If you’d like more tools for creating the life you want and attract YOUR perfect partner, check out my shop page and order your copy of my Book, Becoming Mrs. Stanley.

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