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Stop settling, and attract a higher-caliber man who loves you exactly the way you are!

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Here's what you get:

Shift Video Course

This is an 8-Week Course. Each week we will cover one part of the overall guide to attracting FOREVER LOVE.

$697 Value

INSTANT ACCESS to our Shift Family

A community of amazing women just like you, who are committed to this journey along with you. Your newest and best friends await you within this community. Ask questions, make friends, get support, all 24/7/365. This community is yours forever, and I can guarantee that the value you’ll gain from this community alone can change your life.

$99 Value

FREE Weekly LIVE Strategy Session

You’re not left hanging to fend for yourself when you commit to this system, ha, far from it. In fact, I’m by your side every single week answering your questions, helping you overcome anything – we’re in this together and I’ve got your back!

$999 Value

2 FREE ONE-HOUR Personal One-on-One Coaching Sessions with me!

The first week we’ll do a kick -off one-on-one session, go over your goals and your experiences, personalize your journey to creating the life and love that you want and deserve. Then, we’ll have a second one-hour coaching call mid way through the course where can check-in on your progress, walk through your personal questions and overcome any obstacles in more detail.

$500 Value

Daily Accountability Text/Check In

Every day get a text from me! I’ll be your personal accountability partner and supporter and cheerleader every day! With inspiration, encouragement, and daily support to keep you moving forward and one step closer to manifesting your dream relationship.

$99 Value

FREE Create Love Today Journal

You’ll receive a beautiful, hard cover, 2-page-a-day planner to keep your focus on attracting real love, and journal for your daily and weekly writing you’ll be doing throughout the course.

$39 Value

FREE Copy of my book "Becoming Mrs. Stanley"

Full of my personal stories, struggles, and my personal journey as a single mom for a thousand years (OK, 8) and how I applied these strategies to ultimately attract my Mr. Right. PS, we just had our 6th wedding anniversary!

$14 Value

3 FREE Worksheets to put you on the fast track to becoming a bad ass and Attracting one!

Ways to Build Confidence

This list will change your life. You’ll receive a no fluff formula that will instantly increase your confidence while also developing your new badass self through simple to follow confidence exploding mini-actions you can do in just minutes a day!

Checklist for Creating the Sanctuary for a Queen

How do you feel in your own room? Do you feel like a Queen? Is it ready for your future King? This checklist will tell you exactly what you need to create your environment fit for the queen that you are and make you a magnet for THE ONE who is perfect for you and loves you for exactly who you are.

How to Create Your Soulmate List

Even if you have already written out a list of everything you want in a partner, we’re going to revolutionize it. This strategy for creating your new list will get you started right away, and put you on the fast track to attracting him.

$19 Value


FOR ONLY $697!

Are you tired of being single? Are you done settling?
Do you feel like there has to be an amazing man out there who is perfect for you, but you just can’t find him?
Are you tired of attracting ALL THE WRONG MEN?

I’ve been there.

I felt exactly the same way. For years.
After years of attracting all the wrong men, I figured out what needed to change.


I figured out how to cultivate self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence
and THAT’S when I attracted Mr. Right! (Mr. Stanley).

And he was in front of me the whole time!

But we didn’t come together until I had done the work on myself.
One day, he looked at me differently.
Because I was different.

I learned to love myself while I was single.
And, we just had our 6th anniversary!

And we weren’t that young either. He hates it when I tell people his age, but he should be proud because he looks so much younger than he is!
He was 58 and I was almost 40!
So, age doesn’t matter!
And neither do your circumstances…

And that’s why I created this video course.

In this course you will learn how to:
• Create the energy that makes you a magnet for men who want a committed loving long term relationship with you and ONLY you, exactly the WAY YOU ARE.
• Let go of the past, let go of self-doubt and silence that inner-bitch who tells you you’re not enough, you’re not worthy, or that there are no good men out there.
LOVE YOURSELF HARDER than you love anyone else, so you feel whole and amazing WHILE YOU ARE SINGLE, so you NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS ever again.

So, if you want a high caliber man who:
• Loves you exactly the way you ARE, and adores you, and cherishes you
• Makes you feel heard and seen, and wants exactly what you want
• Puts your needs above his own
Loves your kids like his own
• Shows your kids what a loving marriage can be and should be

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ONLY $697!