Create Love Today Journal

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Create Love Today Journal

I designed this journal based on what I wished I’d had when I was on a mission to manifest my soulmate. I created this journal so you could start each day with the intention of creating love and drawing your soul mate into your life. It includes a daily planner and plenty of journaling space alongside the exercises, worksheets, and daily rituals all in one convenient (and beautiful) spot.

Creating love from within strengthens your belief that true love is possible and magnifies your ability to attract love. True love won’t be able to stay away! Cultivating self-love starts as soon as you wake up; if you want to change your life, change your morning. If you can conquer your mornings, you can conquer your day! Writing every morning was one of the most important parts of my strategies for finding true love. It helped me keep my mind on task and keep myself focused on what I wanted to create (an awesome marriage), instead of what I didn’t currently have (a husband). Writing helps us keep our focus on all the love that currently exists in our lives all around us and helps us create even more love, joy, happiness, and harmony in our lives. Practicing these daily rituals will help you live your best life as if you have the romantic relationship of your dreams. By using these strategies and starting every morning this way, I transformed my life and my mindset.

The Create Love Today Journal is bougie! 160-page wire-bound journal with a hard cover.

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