Morning Rituals for Attracting Love

Morning Rituals for Attracting Love

Writing daily was one of the most important parts of my strategies for finding true love. It helped me keep my mind on task and keep focused on what I wanted to create, instead of what I didn’t currently have. Writing helps you keep your focus on all the love that currently exists in your life have all around you and helps you create even more love, joy, happiness and harmony in your life. It helped me remember to take care of that precious girl in the mirror. It helped me believe that true love was possible, and hang on to the belief that my soul mate was out there manifesting me, which he was! Practicing these daily rituals helps you live your best life as if you have the romantic relationship of your dreams. By using these strategies, I transformed my life and my mind-set. I put all my focus on the person I was becoming and the incredible life I was living. I forgot I was single, then boom. He saw me differently one day. I attracted true love. He was right in front of me the whole time, but we didn’t come together until I used these strategies consistently.

Grab any notebook or journal and start each day with the intention of creating love and drawing your soul mate into your life. You can also download the free pdf right here, as many times as you’d like! Here are the steps to making you a magnet for real love:

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is something that helps us appreciate life and all we have. Appreciating what we have keeps our mind-set on love and helps us attract true love into our life.

The best way to start out is to find three things you have right now in your life. When we focus on all the love we have currently in our life right now, we create and attract more love into our lives. I had (have) two amazing kids who were healthy, I had a home, we had lots of family who helped us, we had sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and a million cousins that loved us. We have love all around us if that’s what we consistently notice and express gratitude. This helps us see more love and attract more love every day. Conversely, as you know, if you focus on what you don’t have (a husband, a romantic partner, a boyfriend) then you focus on everything you don’t have and create more of that: Lack. If you can’t think of anything, be grateful you woke up today, you have a heartbeat, you get to live another day, and you have a bed to sleep in! Think of anything you have right now.

Greg Baer, who wrote the incredible book Real Love, says,

“Gratitude is not a trick of positive thinking. Gratitude is a choice we make to simply acknowledge the truth about what we have, which greatly amplifies our enjoyment of everything we receive.”

2. Wins from Yesterday

Focus on what is going RIGHT in your life, find more things that are going right, and draw your soul mate into your life. This practice helps you find love and attract your soul mate.

Next, write three wins from yesterday. Any win, no matter how big or small puts the winds in your sails and propels you to the next win! Focusing on the things that are going RIGHT helps us stay in the vibration that great things are already happening in your life right now, and you are worthy of true love, and you’re doing great, sis! Write down three things you accomplished, no matter how big, small, or silly you may think they are.

3. Quote of the Day

Find your inspiration toward attracting love by starting your day with a favorite quote.

I didn’t actually start writing a quote of the day in my journal until I started listening to Grant Cardone, but I did have quotes on poster boards all over my room! Just find an inspirational quote and write one down in the morning! Check my Instagram feed if you need one!

4. Top Characteristic you want to attract

Start your morning focusing o

n the characteristics you wish to attract in a partner.

Think about the top characteristic you want to focus on attracting. Perhaps it’s health one day. Like always attracts like, so if you want to attract someone who is healthy, find something healthy you can do for your body. Perhaps you could go for a walk, drink more water, or even practice yoga. If you want to focus on attracting someone who is kind, find someone to serve today! Give a stranger a compliment! Your time is more valuable than money. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. If you’re getting a nudge, chances are, they could use a friendly ear. You want to attract someone who is funny, laugh! Listen to a funny podcast! I used to listen to Ellen while I washed dishes. If you want to attract someone generous, find someone who needs you and help them!

5. Self-Care

Self-Care and loving yourself is a crucial component to finding true love and attracting your soul mate who loves you and cares for you.

You need to practice self-care in order to attract someone who cares for you.

Practicing self-care now demonstrates to the universe that you believe you deserve to be cared for, you deserve to be treated with respect and love, and you deserve to attract true love.

You deserve to be treated with kindness. It starts with kindness in the mirror. Write down one thing you will do today to take care of you, mama: take a bath, get your nails done, yoga, hike, workout, read for 30 minutes, just make some tea and take a cat nap. Think of one thing mama needs, and get it on the list and do it for yourself! I cannot stress how important this is! If you don’t believe me, listen to Lucy:

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”– Lucille Ball

6. Today I will Accomplish (just a regular to-do list)

Accomplish and cross out goals on your to-do list, no matter how big or small.

Just write the things that need to be done today. If it can be done tomorrow, write it on tomorrow’s list, but write a list just for today to stay organized and cross them off one by one!

7. My intentions

Start each morning telling yourself what you intend to do.

Intentions are the same things as goals, but I love the word intention because it’s stronger. You are telling yourself this is what you intend to do. Perhaps the first thing you write is I attract true love. I practice self-care. I attract kindness. I like to have a goal for the week, one for the year, one for this month. You could use the categories I used from my boss list: one health goal, one goal to accomplish around the home, one thing you can do toward your finances goal, and perhaps one step toward your family goal, such as: I will read to my kids for 30 minutes. You choose and write down what you are working on accomplishing.

8. Read and Edit Your Soul Mate List

Start your day by editing your Soul Mate list. What do you want to change, add or subtract? Focus on your list helps you constantly work toward becoming the person you want to marry and in turn attracts him.

This is not exactly a writing exercise, but you need to read your soul mate list every day, edit it when you think of something you want to add or subtract, and say thank you in advance for sending you your soul mate (or husband, partner, whatever term you like best.) Gratitude in advance for the thing you desire brings him one step closer to you! You’ve got to get your soul mate list into your phone so you can read it and edit it every day. If you haven’t put your soul mate list in your phone and you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post about how to create your soul mate list.

I didn’t find true love until I had consistently practiced these daily rituals and consistently read and edited my soul mate list every day. If these rituals worked for one person, it can work for everyone. It takes tools: morning rituals, journaling, visualizing everything you want to create in your dream relationship on a daily basis are some of the keys to manifesting true love. And it takes faith.

Faith is believing in something you can’t see right now.

Just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean he’s not there. He is out there manifesting you right now!

Wishing you lots of love!


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