Script Your Own Life to Attract Love

I have a whole chapter in my book about how to script your own life to attract love as if you already have the husband of your dreams. I loved looking at it in this way because it would help me visualize looking at the photos together of my adventures, and I pictured myself showing him and telling him everything I did that day! It was a huge shift in my mindset and made me excited every morning!

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and wished you were in it? I used to watch romantic movies featuring happy couples walking hand in hand, and I would weep. But what I know now is that true love is a thousand times better than a scripted, fake Hollywood rom-com. Trust me. Yours is better than their script because it’s your script written exactly the way you want it. Real love means getting to be yourself all the time, and even when you have an argument you are still perfect for him. You’re not perfect, and neither is he, you’re just perfect for each other. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. We all have regrets. And I knew that when I manifested true love, he wouldn’t judge me for anything I did in the past.

Everything we have gone through made us who we are.

Don’t be ashamed of the past. Be proud of where you’ve been and where you will go!

If you change one thing, you change it all! But I had so many things I wasn’t excited to share with him, I thought, how about acting as if I was going to see him at the end of every day, and scripting my life as if I couldn’t wait to tell him all about it and show him the pictures and tell him all about it! When you find love, he will want to know every detail! Write the script to your own movie so that you can’t wait to share it with your future husband! 

This was a much more exciting way to live! Way better than just doing things alone and thinking about being eternally single. I wrote a blog about how much I learned by doing things alone after I got dumped and I spent a week at an all-inclusive couples-only resort in Mexico. It was one of the best weeks of my life! And when I got serious about my mission to become the person I wanted to marry, I actively thought about everything I did each day as if I would be sharing it every day. I like to call the time when you’re single the preparation season. We’re learning ourselves, learning what we really like and what we really don’t like. We’re learning what we want and what we don’t want. I didn’t manifest my soulmate until I got crystal clear about what I wanted in a husband. The preparation season can be so awesome if we enjoy alone time!

Everything was deliberate. It helped me stay focused on what I wanted to create! I wanted a husband that I couldn’t wait to see at the end of the day so we could catch up and share what happened! So I acted as if that was going to happen at the end of the day.

Find someone who is interested in hearing about your memories, dreams, and days.

I had enough shit I regret, so I thought why not AVOID any additional regrets? Why not? How about instead, just go be awesome and do something that you’re proud to tell him about?

The yoga studio where I practice has a huge sign that says “DO WHAT YOU LOVE”.

By doing what YOU love, you start to attract others that share the same interests as you!

I used that as my mantra to create my days and nights with that sense of happiness. I thought of it as writing my own script to my own movie. The one that I couldn’t wait to share with him (the husband I didn’t have yet)

I love to hike and I would go hiking three times a week when the weather was beautiful. I’d drop the kids off at school and drive straight to the mountain. I’d take selfies and time myself, trying to get faster and faster. I’d listen to my love playlist and get up the top as fast as I could as if he was right there with me! Then I knew at the end of the day, I would feel proud. That’s the number one thing I think is important, and it never stops being important. I still focus on doing things that make me feel proud instead of things that make me have regrets. That’s how my self-worth and self-confidence started really grow. I started to believe that there was an awesome husband meant just for me that would love me exactly the way I was, the more I did things that would make me proud and make me happy and excited!

Write Down Your Successes 

Every morning part of my morning ritual, I write down my successes from the day before. Even if it’s I drank lots of water. Anything is a win, and we can stay focused on what things are going RIGHT in our world. While you write down your successes, you can listen to songs that inspire love and happiness on My Love Playlist.

You know, most people don’t know this but I come from the actual Von Trapp family. Like I was singing and performing literally since I was 2. Well, I thought everyone did that. I had to learn the piano, I started cello at age 10, I sang in the choir at church, and I went to school to be an opera singer. I ended up doing marketing for my career instead, but I really wanted to find time to sing and to get lessons and be more confident on stage. So I got a coach! Conductors actually pay to sing…I couldn’t believe it!

I just feel like living your life as if you are going to share every last detail with your future beloved is one of the secrets for finding love after divorce.

Doing all of the things I love to do and living my life as if I couldn’t wait to tell him brought me great joy.

Find love and joy by doing the things you want to do. Write your own life script and love will follow!

It was a huge shift! I also learned to enjoy my alone time, and do all of the things you can do alone! You’ll want to be with your new husband all the time, so it’s OK to be alone and spend time doing all the things that light your fire!

Script Your Own Life 

What do YOU love to do? What do YOU want to learn? Where have you always wanted to go? What’s on your bucket list? Start crossing things off and bring as much joy into your own life NOW, and make sure you take lots of pictures for him. If you want a closer look at my journey, follow me on Facebook and Instagram! 

Wishing you lots of love!



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